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Things To Do in Washington DC

Discover the wondrous array of things to do in America's capital city. Things to do in Washington DC range from dazzling monuments and historic landmarks to fun-filled family amusement parks and world-class museums. Visit America's distinguished Joint Base Andrews, which is the famous home of Air Force One.
Explore the White House, Capitol Building and the awe-inspiring monuments of Washington DC. Create lasting family memories at Six Flags America. Hit FedEx Field for heart-pounding Washington Redskins action. Just 12 miles from Washington, D.C., the Colony South Hotel & Conference Center in Clinton, Maryland offers the ideal spot to see and do it all in America's capital.

Washington DC Attractions

Clinton Joint Base Andrews, Maryland

Joint Base Andrews

 -  Joint Base Andrews, or Andrews Air Force Base as it was previously known before merging with the United States Navy Naval Air Facility Washington on October 1, 2009 is under the United States Air Force 11th Wing's jurisdiction. The prestigious home base for the aircraft of the President of the United States, Joint Base Andrews is often the first stop for visiting foreign dignitaries and heads of state. To learn more about Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, visit /.

Six Flags America

 -  Six Flags America in Mitchellville, Maryland is just 15 miles from Washington DC and is one of the nation's most exciting family amusement parks. Six Flags America encompasses thrilling roller coasters, rides, and entertainment set in a delightful variety of themed sections that include: Hurricane Harbor water park, Looney Tunes Movie Town, Gotham City, Nantucket, Southwest Territory, Coyote Creek, Skull Island, and Whistlestop Park. To learn more, visit ,

FedEx Field

 -  FedEx Field in Prince George's County, Maryland, was first inaugurated as Jack Kent Cooke Stadium. Located near Washington DC's Capital Beltway, today the famed football stadium is the home field of the National Football League's Washington Redskins and seats more than 82,000 fans. To learn more about upcoming football games in Washington DC, visit .

National Harbor

 -  National Harbor is an upscale waterfront development just outside of Washington DC in Prince George's County, Maryland. The shopping, dining and condo complex stretches for 300 acres along the beautiful shores of the Potomac River and features a marina, hotels, office space, bars & nightclubs, and the National Children's Museum. To learn more about attractions at National Harbor, visit .
The White House near Clinton, Maryland

The White House

 -  The White House has been the residence of the President of the United States since it was completed in 1800. The dazzling mansion boasts more than 130 rooms and is flanked by East and West Wings. The East Wing traditionally is the location of the First Lady's offices. Famously, the West Wing is the location of the President's Oval Office and home to the offices of senior presidential staffers. Special permission must be granted to tour the White House. To learn more about things to see and do at the White House, visit .

The United States Capitol

 -  The United States Capitol is one of America's greatest symbols and has housed the Senate and House of Representatives for more than 200 years. The United States Capitol building is located on the eastern end of the National Mall on Capitol Hill. To learn more about things to see and do at the United States Capitol building, visit .

World War II Memorial

 -  The World War II Memorial in Washington DC is dedicated to the sacrifice of those who fought in World War II and the triumph over fascism. The design of the memorial by Friedrich St. Florian is a blend of modern and classical architectural elements that pay tribute to "the greatest generation" and looks to the future. To learn more about the World War II Memorial in Washington DC, visit .

Goddard Space Flight Center

 -  Goddard Space Flight Center is part of NASA and is the largest combined organization of engineers and scientists in the world dedicated to creating new technology to study the universe and building spacecraft to explore the stars and solar systems. Visitors may tour the Goddard Visitor Center daily free of charge to see exhibits about the technology and spacecraft developed at the center, including a model of the Hubble Space Telescope. To learn more about things to do at Goddard Space Flight Center, visit .
The Washington Monument near Clinton, Maryland

The Washington Monument

 -  The Washington Monument is the towering obelisk-shaped landmark near the National Mall. One of Washington, DC's most dazzling landmarks, the monument is dedicated to George Washington, America's first president. Standing more than 550 feet, the Washington Monument is the tallest stone structure in the world .
Previously, the Washington Monument had been the world's tallest structure until the Eiffel Tower was built in 1889. To learn more about visiting one of Washington DC's most important landmarks, visit

Arlington National Cemetery

 -  Arlington National Cemetery is one of Washington DC's most visited landmarks and among America's most revered sites. Located in Arlington County, Virginia, the military cemetery was built on the grounds of Arlington House during the Civil War. Stretching for more than 600 splendid acres, the cemetery sits directly across the Lincoln Memorial on the Potomac River. To learn more about seeing Arlington National Cemetery, visit .